The Inner Peace You Long For Is Finally Within Reach

No matter how crazy and painful your life has become, the wisdom, joy and sanity you crave can be rediscovered in a few simple steps. Take a moment to watch my free videos and learn how.

Will you ever feel calm and empowered again?

You may feel like you’re living from crisis to crisis.

Work shake-ups. Unstable finances. Family drama. Relationships socially distanced. And your health is an even bigger concern than it was before the pandemic hit.

You try to cope with the overwhelming pressure, hoping for some kind of relief, but the end result is always the same. You're wound up as tight as a spring. Ready to lash out or dissolve into tears at the slightest provocation. Until finally you crumble or just lose it.

You’re exhausted and demoralized.

You’ve tried everything from stress-management to meditation.

And you’ve read every self-help book you could get your hands on.

Even mindfulness only took you so far.

You can feel calm and capable, in spite of the enormous stress you are under.

A few simple changes, backed by neuroscience, can restore your access to inner peace, no matter what is happening.

What clients say about my Inner Peace Blueprint™:

"Meg shines a light on the mental and emotional habits that keep us locked in stress, and she provides gentle and simple guidance on how to shift patterns that are destroying our joy in living."

Carol Aubrey,
Santa Fe, NM

"I can't thank you enough for reminding me that all I need is already within me, and for showing me a reliable way to access inner wisdom."

Janna Fournier,
Big Sur, CA

"This practice helps me to get honest about what isn't working in my life. I can now trust my decisions because they're anchored in authenticity."

Tammy Williams,
Indianapolis, IN

There is a way forward.

Not many of us were taught how to be calm in the face of the relentless stress of modern life.

I'm Meg Coyle, Founder of One Body Inc. Whether you sign-up for one of my free classes or want to participate in a more intensive course or private program, my Inner Peace Blueprint™ is designed to help you shift the way you deal with and experience life's inevitable challenges.

What Makes My Approach Unique

  • My programs are designed specifically for women who are looking for a solution that's based on self-awareness and behavioral change.
  • My system provides all of the scientifically-proven benefits of mindfulness with greater simplicity and ease.
  • You don’t need to add one more thing to your already packed schedule. You don't need to be a "good" meditator or have a mindfulness practice.
  • You don’t need to engage in lengthy internal inquiries about your thoughts and beliefs.
  • And you definitely don't need to achieve a transcendent state!
  • No matter when or where a crisis hits or how long it's been grinding on, you will finally be equipped with a reliable way to intervene on stress and restore calm.

Why My Team and I Get Results

  • My simple inner peace practice isn’t segregated from the rest of your life. It is designed to be done anytime, anywhere, while you’re doing whatever you’re doing.
  • My coaches and I help you set realistic goals in a step-by-step process that changes the way you deal with stress and emotional triggers.
  • We coach you every step of the way while you implement the simple steps in the system.
  • You take the training in the privacy of your own home at a pace that makes sense, no matter how busy you are or how chaotic your life has become.
  • We know you’re already smart enough, strong enough, and completely capable of adopting the small, incremental changes we’ll be asking you to make.
  • We believe you can transform your old destructive habits and readily embrace new, empowering ones that establish a robust, dependable connection to inner wisdom and peace of mind.
  • If you can breathe, you can do this. Guaranteed.